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XP Investments and InEvent partnership bring more technology and digital experiences to its private corporate event held at Four Seasons Hotel in Miami.


InEvent Cases

XP Investments LLC is a securities broker, member FINRA and NFA, and registered with the SEC. XP Investments has two offices in the United States, one in New York, concentrating services to institutional clients, and the other in Miami, concentrating services to retail clients. XP Investments has an experienced team that specializes in international assets, composed of professionals from Brazil, other Latin American countries and the United States, through whom it offers specific solutions for each type of investor, according to the profile and investing horizon.

Experience Tomorrow was an exclusive and private event hosted by XP Investments at Four Seasons Hotel, Miami - Florida. It was an event for about 285 guests with assets managers from the United States, advisors from Brazil and members of XP Investments local team in Miami. The event organization used InEvent's event technology systems for attendees communication and operational management.


InEvent Challenges

XP Investments wanted to interact with guests before, during and after the event. The event organization needed to communicate with the attendees and also control attendance while the event was happening. Since this was an invite-only event, having access in real time to guests check-ins and their agendas was considered a strong customer satisfaction element.


  • InEvent Solutions

    Live App

    The Experience Tomorrow App, exclusive for the event, had the complete event agenda, an exclusive news feed with event organizers and attendees information and an integrated social media platform. With the app, information was updated and shared in real time, attendees could customize their own agenda, engage in productive networking, communicate with their peers, send questions to speakers and evaluate event surveys.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Access Control

    To avoid the misuse of credentials while also making sure they were not shared with third parties, XP Investments used InEvent's access control solutions. Through the event's app, each attendee had access to their unique encrypted credential to enter the event. Integrated with InEvent Platform, the event organization had real time attendance information, with selected push notifications for VIP guests.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Attendees Management and Analytics

    Another key to successfully manage an event is a powerful attendees management process. In order to personalize the attendee experience, all attendee profiles were available inside InEvent's platform. Migrating from spreadsheets to the InEvent Platform enabled smart spreadsheets syncing, reduced operational errors and prevented duplicated information throughout the event. With the InEvent Platform, all event communication and operational management flowed with ease.





  • InEvent profile for Maria Paula - Business Development at XP Investments
    We counted with the help of InEvent to make this a successful event where InEvent was responsible for our app which would manage our attendees, our agenda and our communications. They made this as smooth and as simple as possible. The app itself is a very intuitive tool. It is very simple to use and very powerful. It absolutely made a difference to have it to make this a successful event. We had a lot of positive feedback from our guests. A lot of people said it was very easy to find the location, very easy to follow the agenda with the help of the app and we cannot complain of the service that was provided: they were there in a daily basis and would always answer to our questions to make sure that this would come out exactly how XP wanted. So I would like to thank InEvent on behalf of XP and we look forward to working together again. Thank you! Maria Paula - Business Development at XP Investments

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