Event software for IT managers

Take advantage of the most powerful technology for corporate event planning, marketing, and analytics in an all-in-one platform. Great for lean IT teams, we have native integrations and solutions that requires little or almost no IT to support your internal client.

InEvent It manager

Let users run complex events with no code required!

With drag-and-drop software, you can easily help your colleagues to create and launch landing pages, registrations, forms, and other tools. You can personalize emails and websites with colors and multiple sections and create workflows or templates to automate the most common requirements.

Event management software with almost no IT support needed

Minimize stress with precise project management and preparation. Setup only once your domain, app store, permission levels, and optionally SSO. Connect your whole enterprise event management ecosystem, including organizers, attendees, suppliers, sponsors, keynote speakers, and exhibitors.

InEvent It manager
InEvent It manager

Be the central integrator for organizations with 10+ different software

Make your plugins and apps work seamlessly together with our event management software. Our integrations and API documentation with 500+ operations available will help you create the central hub for your event technologies.

Comply with the latest global data privacy regulations

InEvent is certified by AICPA - American Institute of CPAs and adheres to International and local laws, including GDPR. Data is encrypted and transmitted via Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology, and we also have industry-specific certificates, such as PCI.

InEvent It manager
InEvent It manager

Onboard the team in a smooth and agile software transition

Perform safe and easy data exchange with any CRM, ERP, or other systems currently in use by your business with the help of our team's standard operating procedures. Certified training programs help an agile turnaround for new teams. Our global Customer Success team training can be in-person or by video. After customers are certified, you also receive a brick-and-mortar certificate by InEvent.

Our customers from the industry

InEvent industry testimonial
InEvent testimonial

They have already proven their ability to develop innovative and live ideas. I believe in their success!

Marco Stefanini

Global CEO Stefanini

The complete platform for all your events

Pedro Goes


+1 470 751 3193

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