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Our team

Event Technology Award

InEvent is a remote event tech company with InEventers in over 13 different countries, speaking together more than 27 different languages. We are a global team.

We are backed by the world's most prestigious investors, such as Y Combinator and Storm Ventures, and we have won many awards, including the Best Technology Start-Up award by the Event Techology Awards.

We are a 6-year-old company with over a growing number of InEventers , working together from different worldwide locations. We look for resilient determined people who want to grind and impact one billion people through events!

We build technological solutions for companies and agencies looking to be more efficient, more integrated and more agile; all with our cloud white label platform.

Why you should work with us

  • We already have as clients some of the world's largest companies, such as Coca-Cola, Claro, Santander, Bayer, Bosch, Amazon, Eli Lilly, Carrefour, Facebook and others.
  • We have as partners the largest technology companies in the world, such as Facebook, Twitter and Amazon Web Services.
  • We offer freedom and responsibility at our work environment.
  • We allow and support remote work.
  • We host twice a year our InEvent Summit, our internal conference sponsored by InEvent.
  • We sponsor English, Portuguese, German, French and Spanish classes powered by our InEvent Speak program.
  • We award the best through our InEvent Plus panels and offer highly wanted prizes, such as trips to Silicon Valley and courses at Disney University.
  • We offer high bonuses when we hit our goals (8-10 multiples per year).

Why you should not work with us

  • We are always learning something new.
  • From the ideas we try, we fail many until we succeed.
  • Our projects change as our company strategy evolves.
  • We offer growth and benefits only in the medium / long-term.

What do I need to become an InEventer?

  • You must like to work and deliver great results. This is the most important thing if you want to work here. If you don't believe that is the case, please don't apply to any position.
  • You must be very proactive.
  • You must know our core values by heart.
  • You must know what we do. Our customers. Our cases. Our products.
  • You must also have technological aptitude, so you know how to use our own software.
  • You must want to grow together with the company. You only grow if the company grows together.

Our operations

See more details on how to be an InEventer, with its challenges, achievements, workflows and visions. We never expect our work to be easy, we just expect it to be enjoyable and rewarding. Bringing technology to Fortune 500 companies is a transforming challenge for every InEventer.

Our culture

InEvent has a culture with strong values. We put our values on the walls so our methods to deliver value for our clients are evident and clear. Our team comes from humble beginnings, so we look to give opportunities to those who seek it.

  • Disagree and Commit 👍

    We should always work for what is right and not just for what is easy. One should debate until he convinced or is convinced. However, we do not necessarily need to involve ourselves in all matters, as we must proceed quickly and trust our colleagues.
  • Prevent and Adjust 🤖

    We shouldn't just correct, we must also actively prevent. We must think of possibilities of failure and correct them before it even happens. We must act vigorously to resolve or improve it. More important than to err is knowing how to correct our mistake as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Urgency Matters 😱

    We will always have a deadline to solve a problem; especially during the events. Delivering later is indifferent and irrelevant. We must solve problems with clear deadlines, even if it means to compromise.
  • WOW Moment 😍

    The service to our client must be incredible. We have to go one step further to make your experience unique. We should help even when we do not have the right product, perhaps by indicating other suppliers. A satisfied customer is the best recommendation we can have.
  • Freedom 🗽

    We can decide when or where we want to work. We are free to make our decisions and make our choices. We must use our freedom to find new solutions within our limited resources, always taking responsibility for our decisions.
  • Be Responsible 💂

    We must assume our mistakes and honor our responsibilities. The fault is never from 'the other.' Be mature and know that if the project was flawed, the fault is entirely ours, regardless of external factors. We must have a continuous sense of urgency to deliver results and act on schedule.
  • Keep Learning 🤓

    We should always be looking for new knowledge, evolving our processes and pursuing more intelligent form factors. We should always be willing to learn something new, accept challenges and develop new skills.
  • Own it! 🚜

    Everyone wins together, just as everyone sinks with the boat. All members are entitled to vesting. We need to be leaders, thinking through a long term marathon but running a 100m race. Leaders never say 'this is not my job'.
  • Together as One 👳 🎅 👩 👶

    We should help our colleagues. We need to offer and not just ask. We need to create long-term relationships with our co-workers. We know that when you win, everyone wins.
  • Transparency 💎

    Our organization must be transparent and policy-free: there are no secrets, there are only results. There is no ego in our company. We are open to performance improvements or praise from colleagues.


The Astronaut

Ash is the person that represents all of us.

All genders. All populations. All ethnic groups and communities. We refer to an InEventer as we refer to Ash.

You may find Ash in our graphic materials, FAQ docs, systems, apps, events or even Summits. Ash welcomes everyone, anywhere, anytime. Come join us too!

Our summit

Connect with fellow InEventers on this transformative energetic event, where you truly understand what it means to be an InEventer. Our Summits are held twice a year at pre-selected locations.

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