Event management solutions for tribal council

Leverage our video technology solutions for seamless tribal meeting experiences and strengthen your bond in virtual, hybrid or in-person meetings.

A platform to promote self governance within tribal nations

Develop a native community with a software that is designed to integrate your self governance framework as an exercise of tribal, indigenous or aboriginal sovereignty, including first nations, adivasi, janajati, hunter-gatherers, or hill tribes.

  • Custom branding options to reflect the tribe's distinct cultures, traditions and institutions.

  • Boost citizen meeting engagement, networking, and collaboration.

  • Establish a community of members to increase attendee engagement.

  • Our tribal meeting solutions provide ongoing learning opportunities for your members.

  • Engage your membership throughout the year with virtual events and virtual roundtables.

Data and Security Management

InEvent follows your Nation sovereignty, including laws and policies. We are compliant with the industry certifications like SOC 2 - Type 2, HIPAA, PCI DSS, W3C WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1, EU-US Privacy Shield and more.

American & European servers

Our servers are located in Virginia, USA and Dublin, Ireland. We follow Data Processing Agreements (DPA) and Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) with each of our sub-processors. These agreements ensure that each sub-processor is operating in compliance with the GDPR, subject to data processing best practices and other applicable privacy laws. Our Data Processing Agreement is reviewed yearly and satisfies all current GDPR requirements.

Software that simplifies tribal event registration

With our event registration software, you can capture your citizens or members information with smart workflows.

  • Access a unique page only for citizens of the Nation, with your subdomain as the main landing page.

  • Add a secure validation with your current citizen database so only members with their appropriate registration id will be able to register.

  • Provide an alternative Single Sign On for citizens if your Nation has SSO enabled for citizens.

  • Promote registrations for citizens through email campaigns, QR Codes or even simple SMS text messages.

  • Collect fees on the platform or give coupons to members and families for dinner services, special activities or citizen only events.

  • Allow +1, guests and family members to attend services using the platform with a simple registration form.

Meeting management solutions

Robert’s Rules of Order can be implemented to run meetings accordingly, respecting the orderly display of members raising their hands.

  • With seamless event check-in and badge printing, you can simplify the onsite event management process for your tribal community using QR Codes and InEvent kiosks.

  • Raise-hand feature following Robert’s Rules of Order, with click button priorities available via the InEvent Live Studio.

  • Software queue to manage motions and communicate visually the queue of citizens requesting to speak.

  • Check attendance based on citizen registration and connection location.

  • Tracking is available for watching member participation, including required popup of inactivity, time online or in-person and policies for member time reimbursement.

Virtual meeting platform

Tribal meeting planners can host engaging virtual event experiences that drive results with the help of our Virtual Lobby.

  • Our Live Studio simplifies live streaming with mic and camera control for each member.

  • Go beyond broadcasting with our Native Chat, Live Polling (or anonymous polling), Q&A, and Voting features.

  • Raise-hand feature to organize member and citizens order of motions.

  • Set-up screen visibility and share screen features to organize and automate visual output.

  • Moderate member participation seamlessly with control over comments/questions.

  • Support on demand content for members that could not attend and are required to access the recording by law.

  • Indexing and chapters system to provide context for each meeting moment and enable search via text.

Custom event mobile app

An event app that consolidates all the meeting functions for the member, to improve the citizen experience the and drive better event ROI for the tribal meetings.

  • Choose a regular or branded event app with the tribal branding.

  • Citizens that cannot connect in-person, can connect remotely via the mobile app.

  • Announce new meetings, events, and tribal council meetings via the push notification function of the mobile app.

  • Use the QR Code mobile app function to get ticket information, check-in access and badge access for citizens, including their families.

Dedicated help center

Our experienced event technology team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to assist you with every aspect of your tribe’s meeting or event.

  • A dedicated project manager will be working with your Nation to implement the solution and also support meetings and events.

  • The project manager plus our 24/7 support team are dedicated resources for the Nation and its meeting goals.

  • Schedule dry runs with your Project Manager to test your meeting agenda and motions before going live.

  • Full human support with live chat and on-site certified partners through the marketplace.

The complete platform for all your events

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