Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP)

Event management software for Certified Customer Experience Professionals

Deliver experiences that people will remember

  • Impress convention attendees with an agile, smooth and premium experience ticketing and registration platform.
  • Provide a differentiated experience for each attendee at your event using automated tools.
  • Quick start to onsite control, no matter if it's an incentive travel or a sales training.

Design premium networking opportunities for your attendees

Networking personalized
  • Deliver optimal experiences for associates, assessors and attendees looking for interactions.
  • Ensure matchmaking connections for an optimal customer success result.
  • Provide customers with a private chat for networking opportunities.
Logistics and hospitality

Amaze your guests with tailored hospitality

  • Reach where no other competitor has gone before to provide a truly unnique personalized experience for your guests.
  • Bring a mobile customer experience for your event logistics.
  • Communicate transfer info and flight ticketing directly from the platform.
Check mobile hospitality for customers
One of the challenges we had since the previous event editions were how we could have a system that integrates from the first contact that my client would have through email marketing until the day of the event, with their accreditation. And our event is extremely complex. Complex because there are more than 180 speakers, more than 130 sponsors, diverse public profiles are accredited and communicate differently. And what we were able to find at InEvent was a unique solution, with which we managed to control everything that happened at all stages, ensuring flexibility for our event management and delivering quality for the attendee. Guilherme Kolberg, Partner | Head of Marketing Research and Customer Experience Management at XP Group
Top NPS results for your team

Increase experience satisfaction with easy to use software

  • Customer experience at the center of your monthly report meeting.
  • Increase your return on investment (ROI) with satisfied customers.
  • Deliver a high Net Promoter Score (NPS) at meetups, trade shows, trainings, incentive travel or customer conferences.
Localize and replicate your results

Create a framework and replicate successful events

  • Work with templates to quickly create similar experiences very quickly.
  • Invite customers directly from your CRM for minimal delays and optimal customer experiences.
  • Costs individualized per participant: accommodation, transportation, tickets, etc.
Sponsors revenue

Work with sponsors very easily

  • Enroll your sponsors at the platform so you can invoice them and manage revenue from paid sponsorships.
  • Upload all their assets and display in multiple integrated channels, such as event website, mobile app and big screens with few clicks.
  • Give superior tools for attendee engagement, lead collectors and onsite arrival mobile notifications.
Organizational accountability

Develop organizational accountability

  • Digital customer experiences with your brand, look and fell, 100% of the times.
  • Add multiple business units to the same workflow selected by your customer success team.
  • Fully comply with PCI, SOC 2 and GDPR legislation.

Increase market share centralizing your customer management

Customer management
  • Identify attendees sentiment and purpose for being there.
  • Brand your registration forms, email builder and dynamic website.
  • Enjoy seamless communication via email marketing or in-app notifications.

Reach your full potential with a world class support team

Results at a glance
  • Send feedback surveys for better data interpretation.
  • Monitor live customer experience data and engagement.
  • Ignite customer loyalty with a deep dive on performance analysis.

Customer Experience professionals have a distinguished understanding of their audience preferences and behaviors. Offering innovative experiences is an everyday challenge for top performers at the best companies.

Our event management software empowers strategic guidance for the Customer Experience professional to be a difference maker at all levels. Apply event planning best practices to attend specific customer profiles and demands, whether you’re organizing a major open annual conference or an invitation-only board meeting.

Outline critical decisions and optimize performance, designing intuitive journeys and stress-free flows for your event attendees. Everything from a all-in-one event management software that saves you time to care about what matters: building a branded long-lasting memory and generating business to your client.

InEvent event management software has already enabled hundreds of global brands to transform the way they manage their events portfolio. Get help from event specialists to automate processes, strengthen the communication between brand and audience, upgrade your benchmarks and surpass customer expectations.

Onboard your team in a smooth software transition process, with our rich documentation and global support. Learn how you can drive business growth and be recognized as an admired career as a Customer Experience professional.

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