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A consolidated view into InEvent services, including our platform, people and hardware resources.


All-in-one solution for event management, event marketing and event monetization.

Full suite of features for in-person, virtual and hybrid event production, including registration, badge printing, mobile app and native live streaming.


Find reliable service providers trained with our technology.

Become a certified service provider or a co-seller business partner.


Dedicated project managers to help you throughout your entire journey.

Training, demonstrations and dry-runs with your speakers and personnel.


Native integrations with award winning softwares and well documented API ready for custom integrations.

Made for in-person, hybrid and virtual events or for livestreams and on-demand webinars.


Flexible charges per event or annual subscriptions.

Different plans and products for different use cases and company sizes.


GDPR, CCPA, SOC 2 Type 2, HIPAA, PCI DSS, WCAG-AA, US-EU Privacy Shield.

Our servers are located in Virginia, USA and Dublin, Ireland. We follow DPA and SCC with each of our sub-processors.


The only solution with 24/7 support in English, German, French and Spanish.

Agility of 1 minute SLA to get in contact with a human representative.

InEvent Workflow

A detailed overview of how the InEvent award winning platform supports your experiences from end to end, starting with our all in one system, implementation and support.

InEvent Workflow

What are Virtual & Hybrid Events?

Events are an all encompassing experience designed for large audiences with a long duration. An event is focused around an idea or topic, but that branches out into multiple ways, providing different venues, facilities, interactions and sessions.

On the other hand, a webinar is a one-way session that is conducted through the internet. A webinar will always be virtual and contain one or more presenters strictly delivering fast and dynamic content to smaller audiences.

How can InEvent help your company?

InEvent provides a white-label user-friendly platform that features solutions to help you in every aspect of your events and webinars, from pre to post-production. You can use InEvent to build the entire marketing communication of your event, centralize every segmentation of your attendants, promote live brand activations and build all sorts of virtual interactions to maximize the engagement with your audience.

Our company goes beyond software and provides a combination of people, support, implementation and project management to deliver thousands of professional events and webinars for respectable organizations worldwide.

What are the differences between V&H Events and Webinars?

With InEvent, you can create Virtual & Hybrid Events and also Webinars, depending on what you want to achieve. But what are the differences between them?

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Virtual Events can be conferences, product launches, networking events, complex and large events, flagship events, with agencies, and any other in-person event can be a virtual event.

With virtual events, you can have a vast online reach and unlock detailed data collection, while offering greater accessibility to your audience.

You can also produce hybrid events by combining online features with live experiences. A hybrid event can range from using mobile apps for accreditation, networking, and marketing to professional live streamings with experiences for both the online and IRL audiences at the same time.


Webinars can be a tool to have more dynamic, specific, real-time collaborative forms of communication between the speaker and the attendees, that aim at recurrent usage and a lead generation process.

Webinars can be very visual and interactive through the use of whiteboards, polling, surveys and other engaging tools.

With webinars, you can connect with your attendees in an environment that focuses on learning and information delivery in a simple way, it even can be managed by one employee only, through live video, pre-recorded content or even both.

Why is InEvent the best choice for me?


  • White-label cloud-based software with easy and comprehensive navigation.

  • Complete set of features for registration, ticket sales and attendance management.

  • Centralization of flight and lodging information as well as badge printing for fast accreditation and NFC integrations for on site activations.

  • Numerous engagement features such as polling, gamification, file sharing, questions, feedback, maps, QR codes.

  • Exclusive features to guarantee accessibility like automatic audio transcripts, audio interpretation and sign language channels, tab key navigation.

  • Entire marketing suite to create landing pages, mobile apps, email automation, ads, forms, push notifications, SMS messages and UTM link trackers.

  • Powerful native video player that allows for real time video editing and RTMP streaming with capabilities to simultaneously stream into multiple social media channels.

  • Completely customizable and permanent linked Virtual Lobby with unlimited sessions, group rooms, 1-1 rooms, sponsor booths, networking roulette, chat, social profiles and more.

  • Various integrations with CRMs, marketing platforms, payment systems and other software and plugins that will enrich your experience.

  • Powerful analytics panels with real time data analysis.


  • Extensive list of verified and certified service providers from many different industries.

  • In-app system to contact and hire third parties to your projects.

  • Ratings and reviews section to check on the listings and add your own.

  • Referral program to get credits and rewards.

  • Reseller program to become an InEvent Business Partner.


  • Comprehensive onboarding to jumpstart your projects.

  • Complete and dynamic training conducted by our specialists.

  • Technical support for integrations with CRMs and/or other applications you may have.

  • Senior support to help you migrate data from older systems to InEvent.

  • Implementation plan to help you build your first experiences.

  • Full support to dry run events with your speakers and personnel.

  • Chat support for you during the event day or live streaming.

  • Out of the box migration services to be compatible with event tech platforms and systems.

  • App configuration to get your app and systems up and running, with no additional work required.

  • Periodic post-event reviews with your Project Manager to dive in results and prepare for the next.

  • Specialized enterprise team to help you throughout your journey at InEvent.


  • Multiple plans to cover companies from every size.

  • Monthly, semestral, and annual subscription options.

  • Comprehensive and flexible charges to accommodate different business models.

  • Two separate solutions with independent pricing for different use cases.

  • Built-in calculator to facilitate renewals and upgrades.

  • Native budget sheet to help calculate event ROI.

  • Referral program for discounts and rewards possibilities.


  • 100% compliant with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and POPI.

  • Certified with SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI DSS, WCAG-AA, US-EU Privacy Shield.

  • Strict procedures for data management with a list of countermeasures to abide by the contract.

  • Mobile device management (MDM) support for secure corporate app deployment.

  • Proprietary Google Play or Apple Store accounts for deploys and updates.

  • Single sign-on (SSO) support, including SAML 2.0 and LDAP databases for secure authentication between domains.

  • Our servers are located in Virginia, USA and Dublin, Ireland. We follow Data Processing Agreements (DPA) and Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) with each of our sub-processors.


  • The solution with true 24/7 support - including holidays.

  • Multi-language availability for English, Spanish, German and French.

  • Built-in chat with 100% human consultants ready for quick inquiries.

  • Specialized team to help you dry run your events and streamings alongside your speakers, sponsors and crew.

  • Agility of a minute SLA to get in contact with a human representative.

  • Access to the InEvent developer team (video calls or emails) to ask questions about the API.

  • Well organized escalation procedures to prevent personnel contingency issues.

The complete platform for all your events

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