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Get your brand on top of the latest streaming media technology providing professional TV-like experiences to your audiences.

Live streaming has evolved rapidly over the years, and this upward trend will only continue to grow into the future. To Go Beyond conventional broadcasting has become an exponentially growing sensation in corporate environments. Especially with remote work and globalized relations in place, it is now mandatory that enterprises promote high-end video experiences.

The Future of Enterprise Broadcasting is with InEvent

InEvent’s Live Studio offers you a state of the art TV-like streaming experience to all of your devices. It is the audio-visual solution you need to Go Beyond in your events and workplace interactions.

Unlike traditional platforms, the Live Studio enhances the production quality of your broadcasts, allowing easy brand activation and customization of backgrounds, animated texts, chyrons and lower-thirds using a self-explanatory drag and drop editor. Users can edit real-time videos in simultaneous collaboration without having to upload files or use any external software. Our cloud-base platform will hosts your files and enable your access from anywhere.

The Live Studio utilizes the RTMP technology allowing you to stream directly onto external channels, such as social media, in real time.

All-in-one platform

Do not get dependent on outsourcing professionals or third party systems to create your amazing video experiences, have it all together within your events and workplace environment.

Cloud Based Solution

Host all your files and edit your videos in real time with the ease of having them backed up and readily available from any device connected to the internet.

Professional Editor

Augment your video production by using a professional video editing suite equipped with various features that will enhance the value of your streaming and branding.

Recurring Meetings

Turn every interaction you have into memorable events. Utilize the Live Studio to engage audiences in your webinars, impress your leads on sales calls and get the most out of your team during training and all-hands meetings.

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Ready to deliver innovative video-driven events?

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