Pharmaceutical event management software

Event management software for pharmaceutical events and medical conferences

HCP event booking and registration

HCP event booking and registration
  • Streamlined processes for RSVP and access control.
  • Plan every step of your pharmaceutical event with a all-in-one, drag-and-drop tool, with no coding or programming skills required at all.
  • Deliver professionalism from the very first moment, with branded registration forms and email builder.
  • Get participants confirmation for the event and each of the activities.

Medical and Life Sciences event management

Medical and Life Sciences event management
  • Create checklists and manage all of your tasks end-to-end.
  • Organize all activities by room, timing or program. All from the same screen.
  • Improve efficiency of resources management with budget frameworks.

Logistics and hospitality for medical conferences

Logistics and hospitality
  • Control doctors and attendees' logistics in a thorough and streamline process.
  • Include online registration forms, flight management, transfers and lodging.
  • Flight tickets and transfer information are sent directly from the platform.
Logistics & hospitality centralized

Compliant pharmaceutical event management

Pharmaceutical event management
  • The most complete event management software also offers end-to-end HCP event management solutions. Escalate your event value with a sophisticated hot site and a white labeled app.
  • Drive interaction and engagement, encouraging networking among doctors, speakers and sponsors.
  • Create memorable occasions that show superior value on real time and after the occasion.

Some of our customers from the industry

See which customers had their events transformed by InEvent technology and services. Find out which results they have achieved after using our end-to-end event management platform.

Expenses per doctor

Expenses per doctor
  • Financial reports including every aspect of participants expenditures.
  • Costs for each participant: accommodation, transportation, congress participation, meals, etc.
  • Track expenses for each participant: accommodation, transportation, meals, etc.

Multi-event platform

Multi-event platform
  • Reduce costs and save time, creating efficient process templates that can be repeatedly applied.
  • Send feedback forms, generating qualitative and insightful evaluations.
  • Replicate strategies to optimize execution and diminish risk in all of your pharmaceutical industry events.

Safety and security

Safety and security
  • Comply with your PCI, SOC 2 and GDPR requirements out of the box.
  • Integrate data management with other systems such as Marketo and Salesforce.
  • Our Customer Success team is ready to help you and your HCP experience, in your language: English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
Access info security certificates

Results at a glance

Results at a glance
  • Live Analytics that allow you to take data-driven decisions on real time.
  • Discover important statistics and cross-check collected data.
  • Provide your HCP client with alluring detailed reports to highlight your pharmaceutical event planning mastery.

Pharmaceutical event management needs well organized administration. Begin from choosing the right technology and eliminating all the unnecessary tools.

InEvent provides an all-in-one easy to use platform that offers full support to pharmaceutical and medical industry. Plan and manage your conferences with centralized information and run HCP - Healthcare providers - conferences of any type, size or complexity.

Events supported by InEvent Event Management Software include, but not only: medical meeting, sales training, life sciences conferences, summits, lectures, and shows. Trust the most complete, reliable and robust event management software, with extensive expertise in the pharmaceutical and medical industry.

Count on full support from our Customer Success team to generate repeated and effective results throughout the year. Our platform enables you to create, promote and control all of the processes of any medical conference.

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