InEvent for Sales

InEvent drives in-person connections and increases your event driven sales performance. Build your events quickly using a drag and drop solution. Promote your events seamlessly and close more deals.

Increase sales with events

Increase sales with events

Constantly nurturing your leads on events should be a crucial process on your sales team. For real results, a tracking solution with data from your customers and prospects leads to a higher sales conversion rate. Set event driven sales at the core of your live event management strategy.

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Increase sales with events

Your data integrated into your CRM

Companies lose crucial event connection data that could easily drive more sales. Start tracking nurtured leads by integrating InEvent with your Sales and Marketing tools seamlessly, without a hassle, so every piece of data is automatically collected and synchronized. Learn what works for your business and increase sales conversion.

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Increase sales with events

Curate your communication for your prospects

Deliver top quality content and build meaningful relationships with your prospects. Select different channels suited to your audience and increase your sales by converting them at in-person events. Collect insights and data to deliver the best experience and guarantee recurring attendance on your event. Avoid no-shows by using the correct communication tool for your prospects.

Simple and easy technology for event marketers

The complete platform for all your events

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