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InEvent, a global platform for event management, wants to partner with your agency to help shape the digital revolution. Bridging the gap between event managers and event technologists, InEvent goal is to create beautiful immersive experiences with the best cognitive and technical resources event specialists can create together.

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Agencies Referral Program

About InEvent

With millions of attendees across thousands of events, InEvent expertise, software and partners have already successfully delivered 10,000 personal experiences throughout its journey. Founded in 2013, InEvent has grown to worldwide offices and customers in more than 30 countries.

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About InEvent Referral

Premium Incentives & Benefits

InEvent Partner

Revenue sharing

Generate revenue from deals based on the performance and expertise of your agency.

InEvent Partner

Exclusive partner tools

Create new customer accounts from our dashboard and also develop new customized layouts on your product portfolio.

InEvent Partner

Special marketing benefits

Join our partner program to be listed as a partner on our marketplace, access to exclusive live events and get insider sales help.

InEvent Partner

Priority support

Access our customer success team to ask specific questions, receive additional training and join events exclusive for our partners.

InEvent Partner

Aggregated volume pricing

Special pricing for our high volume partners who use our recurrent platform for multiple events and conferences all around the year.

InEvent Partner

Included educational programs

Get your event management certification at no charge with innovative globally awarded event marketing technology.

How to Become a Successful Partner

InEvent criteria for its partners include excellence, proven expertise and event management affiliations.

  • Expertise with large clients or large events in the corporate segment.
  • Established customer portfolio with successful customer testimonials.
  • Team members with technical experience for a deep certification at the InEvent platform.
  • Long term interest in working with InEvent on customer projects and developing a sales channel.
  • Marketing resources for shared campaigns and sales calls, promoting the partnership and hosting event conferences for lead generation.
  • Backlink page on your website, with the InEvent logo, providing information on the services provided and details of the partnership.
  • Have at least one active software contract with the InEvent platform.

If you are not an agency or event professional and want to partner with us, reach out to us at with a personalized pitch.

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