Software for experience centres

Premium visitor experience for unique worldwide corporate customer centres

Calendar management for each room at your experience centre

Room calendar booking management
  • Visitors can book rooms or request pre-booked resources from available rooms.
  • Salespeople can book rooms directly through the integrated booking form.
  • You can select which worldwide centre you would like to use to approve a new visit.
  • Colorful tags allow a grid view of your whole agenda for the day, week or month!

Change meeting rooms very easily with drag and drop software

Did a room change? Do you need to update the dates or even the times? Our easy to use software will make your experience centre manager life easier as ever.

Available visit rooms Drag and drop rooms Visit details update Automatic registration email

Registration website to book all your visits

  • Experience managers select which times each room will be available.
  • Visitors can access online registration pages to select the time of their preference.
  • Salespeople can also add additional details, such as agendas, pre-approved lists and also special speakers.

Check-in software to print badges when your visitors arrive

Experience centre kiosk
  • Allow your visitors to print their badges and check-in when they arrive.
  • Notify your host when they arrive and control each visit's room, host, duration and time.
  • Integrate the check-in data with other systems you may have, such as security systems, Salesforce, Marketo, CRMs.

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