NFC tag for events

Use InEvent NFC technology to build safe and smart experiences for your in-person events.

Control access to your event

Establish order in your live events. Install totems to scan your NFC tags at entrances to track attendees digitally as they come in and go out, eliminating the need for paper tickets or emails. When a tag is scanned, a timestamp is stored, so you can see when individuals arrive and leave.

Generate important data to offer your sponsors value

You can link guests’ demographic data to the InEvent NFC tag and be able to sort specific details, such as arrival, by age. Information like this comes in handy when talking to your sponsors. From the granular data details at your disposal, you have an idea of the exact time to target the demography your sponsors want to reach, and you can advertise to them.

Easily grant your attendees different levels of access

Does your event offer different access levels, such as VIP and regular admission? No problem! You can preload the NFC tag with information such that when it is scanned, the display on the reader immediately indicates whether the visitor should be allowed entry into a specific area, like an executive lounge. You can also digitally disable tags to prevent access.

Help your guests focus on your event

Use our NFC band to provide easy sharing on social networks. Invite your guests to link their wristbands to their Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn accounts, allowing their in-person activities to be instantly shared. One example is an automatic Facebook check-in as the guest swipes into the event; another is sharing images captured in a photo booth.

Make cashless payments

Your guests can link their InEvent NFC tags with credit. They can load a fixed amount of money into the system, and the purchases they make at the event are debited from the loaded funds. This is a smart way to use our NFC solution as a digital payment system at your events.

Keep your guests well-informed

Work to keep your attendees well-informed so you can easily manage your event. Let your attendees scan their QR Codes to download event information, such as the agenda or map.

Generate analytics for feedback and future events

The more you incorporate our NFC tags into your event, the more data they can provide you. You can drill down to tiny details that help you plan for future events. You can also get feedback on how some attendees interacted during your event. Did they engage a lot? Did they engage less than others? The data from our NFC tag is always helpful.

Impress sponsors with automatically delivered ads

Let your sponsors’ ads hit attendees’ phones as they come close to the sponsors’ booths or other specially designated busy areas of the venue. Deliver premium value to your sponsors when you configure an event-tailored ads campaign that excites them and surprises them at once.

Our customers from the industry

InEvent Karyna Nardelli

It was great to work with you (InEvent), you supported us a lot. It made our lives a lot easier and it was an honor, we are very happy. The biggest corporate event in Latin America. We are very happy. Thank you. Let's go!

Karyna V. Nardelli - Vice Presidency of Communication, Marketing, Institutional Relations and Sustainability @ Santander.

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