Interactive map creator for your events

Organize your in-person, virtual or hybrid events seamlessly with interactive event maps from InEvent. Our easy-to-use maps allow event organizers and attendees to plan activities, find locations, and smoothly navigate events.

Interactive event maps

Picture this: dynamic, engaging, and interactive maps that bring your event to life. Our event map creator lets you design visually stunning maps that are a breeze to navigate. Indoor or outdoor, we've got you covered.

Mobile event app integration

Here's where the magic happens. Our event maps seamlessly integrate with our mobile event app. That means you can whip out your phone, pinpoint your exact location, and discover all the cool spots within the event. It's like having your personal event guide in your pocket.

User-friendly interface

We've made sure that our event map maker is super easy to use. It's designed with a friendly interface that even a tech-savvy 15-year-old would find a breeze to navigate. No complicated jargon or confusing buttons here.

Customize to your event's content

Want your event maps to reflect your branding and theme? No problem. Our maps aren't your boring floor plans. Our event map creator allows you to customize yours with templates, themes, designs, and styles for any event personality.

Maps that'll make your event fly, no capes required

As an event organizer, here's why you'll love our maps:


Effectively showcase sponsors, sessions, and venues.


No coding required - easily create maps via simple drag-and-drop tools.


Filter map items to optimize the attendee experience.


Integrate maps into your mobile event app.

As an attendee, here's why you'll love our maps:


Plan your visit and navigate venues seamlessly onsite.


Search for sessions, sponsors, and locations easily.


See your real-time location within the event space.

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