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Discover how InEvent leading products connect languages, navigation, captions, translations and visual communication on the award winning platform for event and media professionals.

Create borderless interactions and unite a diverse audience in a single meeting point to upscale inclusivity and ignite engagement. Plug in solutions to your events and remote lifestyle that enable your global audience to personalize their viewership experience and be in the best position to actively partake in activities, polls, and network with other attendees. Be compliant and inclusive with accessibility standards such as Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 508.

508 compliant

Activate the unique Sign Language channel for guests with disabilities

  • Offer a more inclusive and engaging experience for attendees by hiring certified sign language interpreters on the InEvent platform

  • Design a dedicated virtual space for your interpreters to control their access while keeping them posted on the number of viewers, chat and other interactions.

  • Deliver easy streaming solutions for virtual sessions by inserting a picture-in-picture overlay to the screen

  • Make it easy for your attendees to insert the sign language channel by fixing the International Symbol on the screen

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Leverage the Audio Interpretation channel for multilingual translations

  • Enable multilingual translations and subtitles for your attendees to stream your events in their native languages

  • Configure built-in audio interpretation channels to facilitate a separate audio channel for interpreters to enable real-time translations for non-native attendees

  • Ensure that your attendees have access to translations at every touchpoint of your workspace by adding the translate options to your Virtual Lobby, landing pages, activities, registration forms, custom forms, speaker biography, sponsor section, event details

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Power easy navigation with the Keyboard Accessibility

  • Leverage the keyboard navigation feature on the platform to allow attendees with visual impairments and motor disabilities to rely on the tab key for easy navigation through multiple sessions, activities and booths

  • Provide a seamless attendee experience with already integrated short keys for every function they need to be performed on the InEvent platform

Optimize attendee experience with user-friendly Accessibility Options

  • Enhance user experience for all attendees with InEvent’s accessibility options, including a toggle switch to stop animations, the ability to mute sounds, and font size adjustments.

  • Customize your viewing experience with InEvent’s color scheme options, available in dark, regular, and light modes, and contrast adjustments to suit your visual needs.

  • Improve inclusivity and accessibility for all attendees with InEvent’s comprehensive suite of accessibility features, ensuring that everyone can fully participate in your virtual events and video conferences.

The Ultimate Checklist for Virtual Event Accessibility

Want to be up-to-date on all the best practices for ensuring inclusivity for all virtual interactions? Make sure to read our e-book on Accessibility in Virtual Events.

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