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Maximize the value of your event experience with our event appointment scheduler.

Event appointments

Be able to foster deeper connections among event participants by enabling them to schedule event appointments. InEvent's Appointment Scheduler helps attendees to engage with industry experts, peers, and sponsors, maximizing networking opportunities.

Event appointments


By allowing event organizers to create appointment schedules for hosts, attendees gain access to networking opportunities. Whether it's connecting with industry leaders, potential collaborators, or mentors, the Appointment Scheduler feature facilitates meaningful connections that can drive professional growth and collaboration.

Personalized experiences

Make event organizers able to tailor the networking experience to attendees' unique preferences and objectives. You can match attendees based on shared interests, industry sectors, or professional goals, ensuring that every meeting is relevant and valuable.

Personalized experiences
Exhibitors and sponsors

Exhibitors and sponsors

By connecting exhibitors with high-quality leads, you demonstrate value and incentivize their continued participation year after year. Investing in tools prioritizing exhibitor satisfaction ensures a mutually beneficial partnership, driving ROI and fostering long-term relationships within your event ecosystem.

Make events better with InEvent's appointment scheduler

It is well known that connecting with relevant professionals when attending events efficiently can be challenging. With so many attendees, it can take time to identify and engage with the right people.

InEvent's Appointment Scheduler simplifies event planning, benefiting hosts, attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. It also simplifies meeting scheduling, saves time, and eliminates manual coordination. Attendees can effortlessly connect with speakers, sponsors, and peers, fostering valuable interactions.

Pre-scheduled meetings boost ROI for exhibitors and sponsors, while organizers enjoy easy planning and access to valuable data. InEvent's Appointment Scheduler offers convenience, efficiency, and effectiveness, improving attendee satisfaction and driving success for all event stakeholders.

Connect and collaborate with InEvent's appointment scheduler now

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InEvent Julie Odomv

“Our attendees loved InEvent. We liked the ease of use for our attendees. The platform was intuitive and most of our attendees logged and accessed all events without any technical difficulties. The virtual lobby was also very customizable with many options to make your event unique. The networking features were also very easy to use and great to help with engagement at the event and made a difference in our experience.”

Julie Odom - Chapter Management Professional, Tulsa Area Human Resources Association

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