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Experience long-term benefits from a cost-effective, one-stop solution designed to provide federal, state, and local government the time to run in-person and strategic meetings.

Government and federal agencies compliance standards

Events are the heart of government meetings. With the InEvent software, you can organize member conferences, board meetings, public trade shows, and trainings with a fast, smart, capable registration and event management platform.

  • Missions commerciales / d'investissement

  • Salons professionnels / Foires

  • Événements promotionnels

  • Réunions publiques

  • Réunions de citoyens

  • Fundraising Events

  • Conférences internes

Government and federal agencies compliance standards
Plan, manage, and execute hundreds of events of any size or complexity

Plan, manage, and execute hundreds of events of any size or complexity

We know that as a government and federal agency, you are held to high compliance standards when it comes to organizing events. Access all the assets you need, including integrations, proper authorizations, data encryption, and change management protocols in our compliant software suite.

The suite with our event management, registration, housing, broadcasting, and analytics retrieves and automates your workflows, following the standards used by the strictest government requirements.

  • InEvent - Autorisation d'exploitation du gouvernement américain

  • Certification gouvernementale SOC 2 Type AWS

  • Conformité à la réglementation américaine sur les acquisitions fédérales (FAR)

  • NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) Section 889 Compliance

  • Pay.Gov integration

  • Live Studio patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office

Endorsed by top government and federal agencies

Transparency and accountability

Federal, state, and local governments have in-person meetings as an important asset of their activities.

  • Automate multi-event tasks such as team supervision, registration, check-in, delegate's travels, branded mobile app communications, and real-time reports.

  • Comply with the latest GDPR standards and regulations.

  • Enable streamlined planning, management, and promotion throughout your event portfolio with a powerful, simple UI that demands little or almost no IT support.

Transparency and accountability
Removing barriers to participation and engagement

Removing barriers to participation and engagement

At the heart of every government's mission is serving its citizens, including ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for all. Imagine hosting an event where accessibility isn't just a feature; it's a promise we keep to ensure every participant has an enriching experience. When you choose InEvent's event management software, you're not just organizing an event but creating a space where everyone can fully engage and benefit.

  • Expand your reach by offering multilingual content, including sign language support, to connect with diverse communities.

  • Ensure events and resources are accessible to individuals with disabilities, following software accessibility guidelines.

  • Customize event registration forms to accommodate different needs and disabilities.

  • Provide real-time translation services to break language barriers.

  • Implement captioning and audio descriptions for events to cater to those with hearing impairments.

See the impact: How government agencies transformed events with InEvent

Join hundreds of satisfied Government and Federal Agencies who have successfully utilized InEvent to transform their events. Read what our client has to say.

InEvent Megan Sahillioglu

“The capabilities to run multi-track events and in a way that is either able to be trained for internal teams to produce their own events, or managed through an event production team. Their support is extremely helpful. I've checked out several other platforms, and for the type of events I work this is my go-to referred platform.”

Megan Sahillioglu - Meeting Planner, National Fire Protection Association

Discover the InEvent difference today

As a leader in event management solutions, InEvent is committed to supporting government agencies in creating accessible, impactful, and secure events. Our software's advanced features and commitment to accessibility make us the trusted choice for federal and government agencies.

Start your transformation journey with InEvent today - we're here to support you every step of the way in delivering successful events.

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